Mission Vision

Through technological driven and well managed process our focus is:

  • Creating New entrepreneurs
  • Reaching the remotest part of the country
  • Cost effective online services
  • Simple and user friendly methods
  • Saving time

We, at Namma Kendra dream of our country and its citizens standing as pioneers in the rapidly advancing world.
We want the luxuries of the modern cutting edge technology to reach every village, town and city through Namma Kendra, Creating more and more self proclaimed entrepreneurs by providing business opportunity for youth across the country by creating livelihood, by further distributing our services in the neighborhood and provide vibrant entrepreneurship opportunities for those aspiring to achieve big smartly with very simple IT skills.

Providing customers basic essential services through simple and user friendly methods through organized retail chains. We intend to make India a fully digitalized country with state of the art facilities and equal access benefits for all its citizens. Let us all join hands and make a cumulative effort to achieve our vision.