Online Shoping

Online shopping through our Nammakendra Retail outlets

Nammakendra gives access to a wide range of Brands with simplified technology that enhances the buying experience.

Our parent company, delivers products to the doorsteps of Nammakendra retail outlets With simplified technology, and no-hassles, we enhance the buying experience for retailers. It is a Retailer business model (B2R) that is unique in its efficiency, innovations and scale.

With this facility the consumers visiting our outlet ,will have an option of online shopping through our user friendly software/app and order the goods with ease ,The app's user-friendly interface maximises convenience, democratises product access and unlocks higher profits for our outlets and best price and quality for the consumers.

For brands and manufacturers, it offers wider reach, unlimited scale and analytics.

The app has products under categories such as Foods, Drinks, Personal Care, Auto, Mobile, Tech, Home, Style, Toys, Sports, Stationery, Gifts and more. We help our outlets to save with schemes, deals and offers!

Online Shopping with StoreKing

Nammakendra allows you to shop with StoreKing.Storeking is a revolutionary platform transforming the rural Retail business by leveraging with the advanced digital technology. An ideal Assisted Online Shopping destination enabling retailers to sell over 100,000 products along with various other digital services to empower Technology.

StoreKing offers a retailer with multi-lingual content, customized Kiosks equipped with smart phones/tablets.StoreKing aims to be the digital touch point for rural India by leveraging on a valuable network of existing rural retail stores in small towns.

Online shopping of energy conservation LED and Solar products and Equipments

Energy conservation refers to reducing energy consumption through using less of an energy service. which is a Need of the Hour.

Most of our energy use comes from fossil fuels like petroleum and coal that provide electricity and gas to power our growing energy needs. These resources are non-renewable which means that we will eventually run out.

Conserving energy not only helps to conserve resources but also translates into financial savings, even though energy conservation reduces energy services, it can result in increased environmental quality, national security, personal financial security and higher savings, It is at the top of the sustainable energy hierarchy.[ It also lowers energy costs by preventing future resource depletion.

The social and economic impact of providing clean, safe lighting and energy sources has been well documented. It has recently gained renewed focus from investments in renewable technologies and concerns raised by emissions from traditional fossil fuel and biomass sources of light.

  • Approximately 1.6 billion people in the world live without electricity.
  • A lack of reliable energy limits the productivity of nearly a quarter of the world's population, hindering their ability to carry out basic activities.
  • The core characteristic of a Energy efficiency product remains its ability to deliver bright light and enerby, for a long enough period of time at an affordable cost.

Hence, we propose a Solar driven energy devices and equipments that demonstrates the range of performance we have witnessed in the market, based on independent testing and the latest price associated with such products.

Our Nammakendra outlets will be a point for online sales of such energy conservation and eco friendly products, with an AIM of Save Energy Save the Planet.