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We, at Nammakendra have tied up with ODIN Learning (Venturesoft Global) for the Online Courses.
This Online course is intended for those with an interest in starting to write fiction or improving their fiction writing, and does not require any previous experience of studying this subject.
You’ll learn how to develop your ideas and the importance of reflecting on writing and editing, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Computer Basics, Banking Exam etc.

Please go through following for more details:

General English

Grammar is the backbone of any language. It's never too late to learn or perfect your English grammar.
This course on English Grammar will brush up and polish your English grammar. The different Parts of Speech, their correct usage, Agreement of the Verb with the Subject in a sentence, correct usage of Punctuation are all dealt with in detail. Numerous examples given helps in making the concept very clear. This course develops a solid foundation in Basic English grammar and helps you construct sentences correctly and makes it easier to improve both your spoken and written communication skills. This course is very important since competitive exams nowadays have a compulsory English section which requires you to score a minimum cut-off marks.

General English (With Spoken)

English nowadays has an important role in our daily life. It is the massive means of communication. There is great utility of English in modern world. Learning to speak English well may be the best way to improve our life. Speaking English immediately opens up opportunities and growth in your career. Pronunciation is definitely the biggest thing that people notice when you are speaking English. Good pronunciation should be one of the first things that you learn in English.

This course deals comprehensively with the various rules of Pronunciation. This course is especially good since numerous words with their correct pronunciation can be learnt here. This course is very important since the next step after clearing a competitive exam is the Interview where your spoken English is judged.
A comprehensive course on English Grammar is also included in this module.

General English + Spoken+ Descriptive English Test + Essential Basic Skills

Some people barely study and get good while others slave away every night and only manage an average. Your success is contingent on how you study, not how long or how hard you study. Successful students interpret information differently, study differently, memorize differently and read differently.

The Course on Essential Basic Skills prepares you for competitive exams. It gives you tips onhow to effectively memorize information, how to speed up your reading and writing, how to effectively use a scratch paper and derive maximum benefit from it, how to take notes efficiently, how to manage stress, and how to develop effective reading habits.

A comprehensive course on English Grammar and Spoken English is also included in this module.

Basic: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude tests the sharpness or intelligence of the candidate as well as their analytical and problem solving skills. Most Organisations prefer to recruit employees who have quick decision-making ability, mental alertness and the ability to quickly interpret data, establish logical relationships and arrive at the correct conclusions. All these can be judged by how well the candidates perform in the aptitude tests. Hence, these tests form an important part of the entrance tests conducted by the UPSC, Banking service, colleges, public and private sector organisations etc.

This course aids candidates to crack competitive examinations. This course covers the fundamentals of mathematics and this strong foundation helps the candidates to perform better in the subject. The course trains students through an exhaustive list of formulae on each topic, an adequate explanation of the concepts and easy to follow solved examples.

Advanced: Quantitative Aptitude + Speed Mathematics + Essential Basic Skills

Competitive exams are all about time.Almost all Competitive exams have a Quantitative Aptitude section. How fast and efficiently you do your maths is what gives you an advantage over the others.

This course provides some basic math shortcut tricks. These tricks will help you to be very fast and efficient in your calculations. This course gives many examples with step-by-step explanation of the shortcut methods for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Divisibility of numbers, Squares, Square roots and Cubes. You will surely see an improvement in your timing if you practice the shortcut tricks taught in this course.
A comprehensive course on Quantitative Aptitude and Essential Basic Skills is also included in this module.

Basic: Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests your thinking capabilities. So, this section is a part of many placement tests, competitive exams and CAT etc. Questions from logical reasoning always play an important role for clearing any exam, competition or interview.

This course equips candidates to tackle all kinds of questions that can be asked in competitive exams. The course covers the basics of every question type. Analytical Aptitude is a skill which can be developed only by regular practice. This course guides you through the right test questions which are necessary for an effective practice. This course offers effective solutions to train your mind to recognise patterns quickly and correctly solve problems.
The Lesson consists of slides and audio explanation along with notes for each slide.

Advanced: Logical Reasoning + Speed Mathematics + Essential Basic Skills

This course contains exhaustive material on Logical Reasoning, Speed Mathematics and Essential Basic Skills. Provides many chapter wise quizzes, Section quizzes and Mock tests.

Computer Basics

Today almost all jobs need basic computer knowledge. Recently almost all competitive exams test these skills. It is very much essential for candidates to be aware of computer basics, working and terminology.

This course teaches basics of Hardware, Software, Programs, Devices, and Storage. The basics of essential office software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint) usage is also taught.

Banking Exam Bundle: 3+5+7+8 Above

Banking Clerical and Officers exams essentially consists of following sections: Quantitative Aptitude

  • Logical reasoning

  • General English

  • Computer Knowledge

  • English Descriptive test

This course package consists of all the above sections and consists of Lessons, Shortcuts, Practice tests and Mock tests.